Adventures from the Present, Walk in the Path of the Past

Returns From Tour of Europe – Nov. 18, 1965 Bethel Schultz of Palo Alto, Calif., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shultz of Princeton, recently returned from a 6-week tour of Europe. She visited England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, and Luxemburg.  She remarked her favorite countries were the Netherlands… Read More Adventures from the Present, Walk in the Path of the Past

Heidelberg Castle

The elder giant stands guardian overlooking the village. Sprawled body across generations. Massive cracked skull – a scarred jack’o’latern, frankensteined together with jagged teeth and windowed eyes creating beauty. Bricks and statues whispering secrets of love and hate, anger and passion, freedom and toil. He has been plentiful and abandoned. No matter the erosion of… Read More Heidelberg Castle

Eltz Castle

Seasonal Metamorphosis – A Haiku autumn foliage cliché; green caterpillar manic butterfly death knell   A camera picture doesn’t do the trees justice as they prepare for the seasonal change. These times I wish I could paint, for only an artist could blend the colors of each tree in their individual transition. Each tree altering… Read More Eltz Castle

Bruges, Belgium

Our final excursion in Belgium led us to picturesque Bruges.  Although we began our morning indulging in Basilica of the Holy Blood, a 12th-century Roman Catholic basilica who’s lower chapel is done in Romanesque style, while the upper half housing the relic has been renovated in the style of Gothic Revival, our appetites were more… Read More Bruges, Belgium